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If your life, work, business, or investments are spread across both the UK and the USA then your finances will be impacted by the interaction of two very complex tax systems.

Although in principle the tax treaties between the US and the UK protect the same income or asset from being taxed twice, that does not always work out in practice. Even when it does, the processes and procedures to make it so can be complex, and it’s easy to make costly errors.

We offer a professional consultancy service on international tax advice aimed at individuals and developing companies. Find out more about our services by arranging a 15-minute introductory zoom or telephone call.

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Arundel Consulting specializes in providing integrated US and UK tax services

  • Planning before you commit
  • Ensuring your filings are correct and timely
  • Representing you with the tax authorities 

From simple requests for information to managing a tax audit,
talk to Arundel Consulting about our international tax advice services.


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Do Any of These Situations Look Like Yours?

The needs of the 70,000 US citizens in the UK and about 200,000 UK citizens in the USA are varied.
These are some of the common situations on which we provide tax advice.


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Is Uncle Sam Looking for You?

The USA takes good care of its citizens and residents around the world, and in return those people have significant obligations. One of which is to pay US taxes on their worldwide income. If you need to get your US taxes up to date and keep them current, we can help.

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Going East?

If you are moving from the US to the UK how do you leave the US and manage what you leave behind. How do you set yourself up for life in the UK?  Learn how we can help smooth your way.

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Going West?

If you are moving from the UK to the US how do you leave the UK and manage what you leave behind. How do you set yourself up for life in the US?   Learn how we can help you navigate your new world.

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Is Your Virtual or E-commerce Business Going Global?

How far can you go before you must engage with the tax and regulatory requirements of other countries? Learn how we can help US businesses enter the UK, and UK business expand into the US.

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Is Yours a Mixed Marriage?

A marriage between a US citizen and a non-citizen can give rise to significant, and potentially expensive, tax problems.  Learn how we can help you avoid the traps.

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Are You an Accidental American?

If one of your parents is a US citizen or if you were born in the US, even if you only lived there for a few weeks, it is probable that you are a US citizen until you formally renounce it. Learn more about your choices.

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Do you have stock based compensation?

Stock-based compensation (stock options, restricted stock, employee stock purchase plans etc) can be an important part of building your long-term wealth. Managing it when two countries are involved can be challenging. Understand how tax impacts your long-term financial strategy.

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Find out more about our services by arranging a 15-minute introductory zoom or telephone call.

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